University Business – Sensing change: human sensor movement

18th February 2020 How can human sensor movement technology influence the design of university spaces? Keri Beckingham speaks to the experts to find out In today’s world where efficiency and sustainability are key considerations, the design of new buildings often focuses on the people who will use them, through an approach known as human-centred design.  […]

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Building Better Healthcare – Interview: Smart hospitals – the future for UK healthcare?

10 December 2019 BBH explores the rise of the ‘smart hospital’ and what is needed to realise the vision Smart hospitals can track patient movement via smartphones and will enable more joined-up, reactive services Many people across the UK now use virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home on a daily basis to […]

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Matthew Featured on Front Page of Building Magazine

Matthew was recently featured as one of Building Magazine’s Digital Champions: Matthew Marson, Head of Smart Places, WSP What do you do? I help our clients understand how they can get technology into the built environment. What’s holding construction back in the digital sphere? Why is it that Uber was so successful in the 12 months from […]

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