When Success is Shared, It Grows

In his column, Dr. Marson addresses the smart building industry’s culture of secrecy, which hinders collective innovation and learning. He argues that sharing project successes is crucial for advancing the industry, fostering collaboration, and establishing benchmarks. Marson advocates for a shift towards openness, suggesting that collective wisdom and shared achievements would catalyze faster progress and forge a more interconnected, dynamic sector.

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How to Stop Your Smart Technology from Ageing

In the December 2023 column, Matthew Marson discusses strategies to prevent smart technology obsolescence in buildings, drawing from his experience with Europe’s largest commercial building. He highlights the need for a proactive approach, suggesting lifespan expectations for building elements and advocating for a microservices architecture to enhance agility and relevance.

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The RIBA Plan of Doesn’t Work

The author critiques the RIBA Plan of Work for not effectively integrating smart building design. He advocates for early involvement of designers, agile project management, and procurement processes to match market capabilities. The columnist anticipates changes under the new RIBA President Muyiwa Oki and invites readers to join a taskforce for standard PoW overlay.

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