The Smart Building Advantage is a combination of data-driven insights and witty experiential learnings from Dr. Marson – a must read for anyone designing, investing or operating in real estate. It is a modern day guidebook to untangle the endless PropTech jungle and focus on what is most important – return on investment.
Elisa Rönkä
Global Head of SaaS Sales – Siemens
This book demonstrates how smart buildings, through convergence of technology and sustainability, offer unparalleled value by optimizing energy consumption, enhancing occupant comfort and driving operational efficiency.
Tom Smith
Global Director, Property & Buildings – WSP
In the world of computing on the edge and Generated AI, it’s difficult to understand why smart buildings don’t seem to keep pace with technology advances. The Smart Building Advantage provides a comprehensive look at smart buildings – across history, systems, skills, strategy, value and challenges, showcasing complexities which stifle smart building advancement. This book caps off with a proven approach to creating and running a smart building around four key property owner benefits. Well researched and easy to read, this book is a must-have for anyone looking to understand the value of the smart building space.
Christy Nelson
North America Modern Work Lead – Avanade
This considered and pleasingly pragmatic book addresses the real issues facing everyone who designs, implements, manages, or occupies a smart building. Matthew Marson collects, distils, and applies a healthy dose of reality on current thinking, providing useful recommendations which frankly are essential for the smart building industry to thrive.
Jake Fraser
Chief Technology Officer – Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Matthew really combines his two worlds – academic clarity and industry experience. Backed by rigorous research yet crafted for industry allure, it’s your go-to resource for mastering the Smart Building topic. The book seamlessly bridges theory with practice which makes the book also very suitable as an educational tool.
Vitalija Danivska
Associate Professor of Real Estate Business – Delft University of Technology
I’ve known Matthew for over 10 years and over that time, I’ve quickly come to regard him as a second-to-none global thought-leader on “smart” and “sentient” buildings. Over the years that I’ve known him, he’s taught me a great deal about the wonderful potential that the “smart” built environment can deliver. More precisely, he continues to remind me of the promise of tangible and measurable positive life outcomes that our buildings can deliver for all us. In this book, Matt delivers on that promise. “The Smart Building Advantage” brings my appreciation of his knowledge of and passion for this topic to an entirely new level. In this powerful treatise, Matt presents a well-constructed argument as to why we should all understand – and dare I say it, “embrace” — the places that we usually take for granted. This book is masterful story-telling on a topic that we’ve quite simply ignored for way too long. Namely, that the buildings that surround us are increasingly places of technological marvel with the potential to fundamentally transform the human experience in ways that we can only now begin to imagine. If you live, work, or play in any type of building, this is a must read.
Sol Salinas
Global Executive Vice President – Capgemini
Matthew is a rare person in the real estate space who combines deep technical knowledge of all things Smart, with on the ground project expertise and an ability to engagingly communicate, without fluff or hyperbole. All of this is packaged in this excellent book which provides a clear expose and roadmap for delivering the best tech enabled real estate. A must read for all forward thinking people designing, delivering and operating buildings.
Sally Jones
Non-Executive Director & Advisor, Former British Land Head of Strategy, Digital & Technology
Matthew’s book covers every area of ‘smart buildings’ you need to know and understand. The tells it how it is, and how it should be.  The market needs to move and needs education. This book will, and should help with those. A lot of knowledge in this book, that you would normally pay a lot of money to get hold of. A great read.
Michael Grant
COO – Metrikus
Matthew breaks down the complex world of Smart Buildings into bitesize chunks, while weaving together the often competing and synergistic topics of sustainability, value and ever-changing technology in a seamless handbook for property owners everywhere.
Rupert Lane MC
Chief Commercial Officer – REsustain

The Smart Building Advantage introduces and explores the fascinating world of cutting-edge technology, sustainable design, and the incredible potential of smart buildings. This book is a roadmap to understanding the transformative power of smart building technologies and how they can deliver an astonishing return on investment for those who can harness their power. The world of real estate and building management is rapidly evolving, with the adoption of smart technologies becoming increasingly essential. The concept of a “smart building” goes far beyond mere convenience; it’s a strategic investment that promises substantial financial gains and environmental benefits. From reducing energy consumption and optimising space usage to enhancing occupant comfort and reducing productivity leakage, the benefits of smart buildings are far-reaching and compelling.

Drawing on a wealth of real-world experiences, global reach, and practical guidance, this book:

  • demystifies the complex landscape of smart building implementation and the business cases that make them a reality
  • provides a comprehensive framework for decision-makers, property owners, designers, and facility managers and more to leverage the power of smart technologies effectively
  • discovers how smart buildings not only contribute to sustainability goals but also enhance property values and tenant satisfaction
  • offers an in-depth exploration of how the integration of sensors, data analytics, and automation can lead to a remarkable return on investment.

Presenting compelling evidence and actionable strategies, The Smart Building Advantage is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of emerging technology, sustainability, and the built environment. Whether you are a seasoned industry professional or a newcomer eager to unlock the potential of smart buildings, this book will equip you with the knowledge and tools to embark on a transformative journey toward smarter, more efficient, and more profitable buildings.