Are We Getting What We Need From PropTech Conferences?

In the June 2023 column, Matthew Marson reflects on the lack of meaningful progress in PropTech conferences, emphasizing the need for genuine insights and practical learnings. Despite disappointment, he notes a prevailing optimism for technology in the industry. He encourages speakers to consider audience engagement and niche perspectives for more impactful conference experiences.

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How the IMechE’s digital operations are being revamped to offer a better service

from: Back when the Institution was founded, the technology of the time was the steamboat, the railway and the telegram.  Today, we’ve mastered engineering to the point that we’re asking ChatGPT (an artificial intelligence chatbot that can compose reports, poems, offer advice and more) for support in our everyday work. As engineers, we continue […]

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The digital engineering revolution is here — could Python be the key to upskilling?

See original article: Technology has advanced tremendously in the last few years and is only going to continue to compound. If you’ve ever heard of Moore’s Law, this is the idea that technology’s complexity doubles every year. Just imagine what that means for the next few years. But those who keep up to date with new […]

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